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KNOTY BR-Bracelets-Les Petites PampillesKNOTY BR-Bracelets-Les Petites Pampilles
KNOTY BR Sale price$39.00
NIRVANA JONC-Bracelets-Les Petites PampillesNIRVANA JONC-Bracelets-Les Petites Pampilles
NIRVANA BANGLE Sale price$84.00
FLAVIO BR-Bracelets-Les Petites PampillesFLAVIO BR-Bracelets-Les Petites Pampilles
FLAVIO BR Sale price$62.00
EWARD BR-Bracelets-Les Petites PampillesEWARD BR-Bracelets-Les Petites Pampilles
EWARD BR Sale price$51.00
MALIA JONC-Bracelets- Bijoux dorés -Les Petites PampillesMALIA JONC-Bracelets- Bijoux dorés -Les Petites Pampilles
MALIA JONC Sale price$78.00
JOE BR Sale price$45.00
OLAF BR Sale price$51.00
JUSTIN BR-Bracelets-Les Petites PampillesJUSTIN BR-Bracelets-Les Petites Pampilles
JUSTIN BR Sale price$45.00
REMILIO BR-Bracelets- Bijoux dorés -Les Petites PampillesREMILIO BR-Bracelets- Bijoux dorés -Les Petites Pampilles
REMILIO BR Sale price$106.00
COME BR-Bracelets- Bijoux dorés -Les Petites PampillesCOME BR-Bracelets- Bijoux dorés -Les Petites Pampilles
COME BR Sale price$45.00
RODRIGUE BR-Bracelets- Bijoux dorés -Les Petites PampillesRODRIGUE BR-Bracelets- Bijoux dorés -Les Petites Pampilles
RODRIGUE BR Sale price$51.00
SVEN BR-Bracelets- Bijoux dorés -Les Petites PampillesSVEN BR-Bracelets- Bijoux dorés -Les Petites Pampilles
SVEN BR Sale price$56.00
MENPHIS BR Sale price$43.00
BASILE BR-Bracelets- Bijoux dorés -Les Petites Pampilles
BASILE BR Sale price$45.00
JUNE BR-Bracelets- Bijoux dorés -Les Petites PampillesJUNE BR-Bracelets- Bijoux dorés -Les Petites Pampilles
JUNE BR Sale price$56.00
SOLAR BRSOLAR BR-Bracelets- Bijoux dorés -Les Petites Pampilles
SOLAR BR Sale price$39.00
MISS JONC-Bracelets- Bijoux dorés -Les Petites PampillesMISS JONC-Bracelets- Bijoux dorés -Les Petites Pampilles
MISS JONC Sale price$67.00
ABRIEL BR-Bracelets-Les Petites PampillesABRIEL BR-Bracelets-Les Petites Pampilles
ABRIEL BR Sale price$51.00
JONAS BR-Bracelets-Les Petites PampillesJONAS BR-Bracelets-Les Petites Pampilles
JONAS BR Sale price$45.00
SAMSON BR-Bracelets-Les Petites PampillesSAMSON BR-Bracelets-Les Petites Pampilles
SAMSON BR Sale price$56.00
ALEG BR-Bracelets-Les Petites PampillesALEG BR-Bracelets-Les Petites Pampilles
ALEG BR Sale price$56.00
ULYSSE BR-Bracelets-Les Petites PampillesULYSSE BR-Bracelets-Les Petites Pampilles
ULYSSE BR Sale price$73.00
MIRO BR-Bracelets-Les Petites PampillesMIRO BR-Bracelets-Les Petites Pampilles
MIRO BR Sale price$67.00
PAILLETTE BR-Bracelets-Les Petites PampillesPAILLETTE BR-Bracelets-Les Petites Pampilles
GLITTER BR Sale price$39.00
PITCHOUNE BR-Bracelets- Bijoux dorés -Les Petites PampillesPITCHOUNE BR-Bracelets-Les Petites Pampilles
PITCHOUNE BR Sale price$39.00
CHARLOTTE BR-Doré-Les Petites PampillesCHARLOTTE BR-Doré-Les Petites Pampilles
CHARLOTTE BR Sale price$51.00
DOLORES BR-Bracelets-Les Petites PampillesDOLORES BR-Bracelets-Les Petites Pampilles
DOLORES BR Sale price$45.00
JOYAU BR-Bracelets-Les Petites PampillesJOYAU BR-Bracelets-Les Petites Pampilles
BR JEWEL Sale price$51.00
MIMS BR-Bracelets-Les Petites PampillesMIMS BR-Bracelets-Les Petites Pampilles
MIMS BR Sale price$45.00
CADEL BR-Bracelets-Les Petites PampillesCADEL BR-Bracelets-Les Petites Pampilles
CADEL BR Sale price$51.00
ARIEL BR-Bracelets-Les Petites PampillesARIEL BR-Bracelets-Les Petites Pampilles
ARIEL BR Sale price$39.00
ARIEL BIS BR-Bracelets-Les Petites PampillesARIEL BIS BR-Bracelets-Les Petites Pampilles
ARIEL BIS BR Sale price$39.00
RYAN BR-Blanc-Les Petites PampillesRYAN BR-Blanc-Les Petites Pampilles
RYAN BR Sale price$43.00
ZOENIE BR-Doré-Les Petites PampillesZOENIE BR-Doré-Les Petites Pampilles
ZOENIE BR Sale price$45.00
GEORGIA BR-Doré-Les Petites PampillesGEORGIA BR-Doré-Les Petites Pampilles
GEORGIA BR Sale price$112.00
SALOME JONC-Doré-Les Petites PampillesSALOME JONC-Doré-Les Petites Pampilles
SALOME RING Sale price$101.00
BIANCA JONC-Doré-Les Petites PampillesBIANCA JONC-Doré-Les Petites Pampilles
BIANCA RING Sale price$89.00
ROMEO BR-Bracelets-Les Petites PampillesROMEO BR-Bracelets-Les Petites Pampilles
ROMEO BR Sale price$43.00
MAMOUR BR-Bracelets-Les Petites PampillesMAMOUR BR-Bracelets-Les Petites Pampilles
MAMOUR BR Sale price$39.00
SWAN BR-Bracelets-Les Petites PampillesSWAN BR-Bracelets-Les Petites Pampilles
SWAN BR Sale price$39.00
KENDAL BR-Bracelets-Les Petites PampillesKENDAL BR-Bracelets-Les Petites Pampilles
KENDAL BR Sale price$45.00
TEO Jonc-Bracelets-Les Petites PampillesTEO Jonc-Bracelets-Les Petites Pampilles
TEO Bangle Sale price$56.00
TORSADE Jonc-Bracelets-Les Petites PampillesTORSADE Jonc-Bracelets-Les Petites Pampilles
TWIST Bangle Sale price$51.00
CLEOR BR-Bracelets-Les Petites PampillesCLEOR BR-Bracelets-Les Petites Pampilles
CLEOR BR Sale price$39.00
MULTIWIRE Jonc-Bracelets-Les Petites PampillesMULTIWIRE Jonc-Bracelets-Les Petites Pampilles
MULTIWIRE Bangle Sale price$112.00
CAPRI Jonc-Bracelets-Les Petites PampillesCAPRI Jonc-Bracelets-Les Petites Pampilles
CAPRI bangle Sale price$45.00
CASSAPOE Jonc-Bracelets-Les Petites PampillesCASSAPOE Jonc-Bracelets-Les Petites Pampilles
CASSAPOE Bangle Sale price$51.00
LIOR BR-Bracelets-Les Petites PampillesLIOR BR-Bracelets-Les Petites Pampilles
LIOR BR Sale price$39.00
ARIEL BIS BR-Bracelets-Les Petites Pampilles


A precious shine to enhance your wrists

At the house of Les Petites Pampilles Paris, we carefully select the materials that make up our women's bracelets. Gilding, 18k 3 micron gold plating, semi-precious stones... each material is chosen for its beauty and durability.

Each bracelet is designed with love and precision in the brand's Parisian workshop. Les Petites Pampilles Paris makes a point of combining artisanal know-how with modern techniques to guarantee bracelets of impeccable quality.

Discover our different bracelets for women which will enhance your outfit!

IDM BR-Bracelets-Les Petites Pampilles

More than just a bracelet, a symbol

Whether you are a femme fatale, a nature lover or a fan of minimalism, our jewelry boutique Les Petites Pampilles Paris has the women's bracelet perfect for you. Treat yourself to a unique piece of jewelry that will highlight your beauty and your personality.

Find our bangle bracelets with their clean lines for a minimalist and chic look or our chain bracelets: a timeless classic that comes in a multitude of styles.

We also offer you pendant bracelets for a refined charm that draws attention to your wrist and beaded bracelets with a mix of colors and textures for a bohemian chic look.

BASILE BR-Bracelets-Les Petites Pampilles

Discover Les Petites Pampilles women’s bracelets

Les Petites Pampilles Paris is a French brand specializing in the creation of refined and accessible jewelry. We are passionate about our profession and we do everything we can to offer you women's bracelets of exceptional quality.

Les Petites Pampilles Paris invite you to explore a universe where each women's bracelet tells a unique story. A universe where elegance meets finesse, where each golden bracelet is an ode to femininity.

Let yourself be charmed by our refined collections, designed to enhance your beauty and illuminate your personality.

Beyond aesthetics, bracelets Les Petites Pampilles are also strong symbols. They celebrate the femininity, strength and elegance of every woman. Wear them with pride and assert your unique style.